International Security Group

Company Profile

International Security Group (ISG) supplies CCTV products to electrician firms and systems providers all over Scandinavia.

ISG has gained a high expertise in CCTV business thanks to 30 years of work with CCTV products, development and projects.

Business Concept

ISG offers well known CCTV products and professional solutions to the market via sub suppliers and electrician firms. ISG also provides high quality support and knowledge to our customers and business relations.


ISG offers the following services:

  • Assistance when you have to make quotations
  • Consultancy services on technique
  • Total system solutions
  • Planning
  • Documentation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Service
  • Supply of products and complete systems

Business Areas

ISG specializes in two business areas:


ISG is the supplier of CCTV products from a wide range of well known CCTV companies, such as

  • Digi-IT
  • Vidatronic

ISG will always be able to find the right products to solve your CCTV job, because ISG does not depend on only one product range, but has access to most of the market’s CCTV products.

ISG’s product managers constantly search for new products and technologies and the company training programme secures that sales people and consultants are always updated with the most recent pieces of information.

System sales

ISG is a system provider specialized with CCTV projects and offering its customers solutions beyond individual products.

When you consider which CCTV system to choose you often receive a lot of technical information about the individual products of the system. These specifications may be useful, but when you start to build up a system the result may very well be quite different from the result you wanted.

We at ISG focus on our customer, analyze what you need and work out a system solution as close to the customers requirements as technically possible.

When it comes to system solutions it is ISG’s responsibility that all components of the system function together to obtain optimum activity. Our software development department is specialized in system integration and user friendly systems.

When it comes to integration of CCTV systems with other security systems or process control systems you can benefit from ISG’s many years of experience.

The security group works national and international with regard to counselling. Our consultants are at your disposal when you have to make demand specifications for CCTV and security systems.

If you need an expert opinion on existing CCTV systems we are also at your disposal with advice and counselling.