Skandi-Guard series D of video management systems have been updated.

With the latest update, the Skandi-Guard Series D MK3 now offers the ability to connect the following types of cameras:

  • Analog cameras
  • CVI cameras
  • TVI cameras
  • AHD cameras
  • IP cameras

With Skandi-Guard D MK3, existing cameras can be used from startup and as the need for larger resolution cameras changes, just switch the camera to either CVI TVI or AHD. In most cases the existing cables will be reusable.

If you already have a Skandi-Guard system of type D it will be possible to upgrade this system to the new MK3 version.

Contact your installer for price and delivery time. If you do not know who installed your ITV system, you can send an email to ISG with serial number information of the device, and have installer’s contact information sent to you.

Read more about the new Skandi-Guard D MK3 series, click here to download PDF file...